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Go Consigne's affiliate program

An unique opportunity for you and your community

Contribute to the promotion of a sustainable and ecological initiative

Enjoy great benefits, simply by sharing the good news! Receive 1% of all refundable containers collected for the next 5 years! It's all deposited directly into your Go Consigne balance, and every time you sign up via your personalized link, your balance increases.

Join us for growing profits while supporting an important ecological cause!

Become a Go Consigne affiliate

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Step 1

Start by registering to become an affiliate


Step 2

Create your own affiliate link that you can share with your community.

Step 3

Each person that clicks on your link will be able to create a Go Consigne account and start to accumulate profits with their refundable containers!

Step 4

Profit fully from our renumeration program and watch your profits grow automatically.

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Generate revenues!

On average, the users of Go Consigne earn 300$/year. So, with a 1% affiliate rate, your get 3$ per client per year.

If you have 1000 clients, it's 3000$ per year that will be added to your account!

Awesome, isn't it?

Register and start to earn

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What more do we have to offer?

With us, ecology and mutual aid are the basis!

We are proud to offer much more than ecological services. With us, ecology and mutual aid are at the heart of our mission!



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At Go Consigne, we want to offer you more than a deposit pick-up service. We want to offer you a unique experience that will make the process as pleasant as possible.

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