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What is Go Consigne?
Go Consigne is a company that collects refundable bottles directly at citizens' homes wishing to use their service.
Why Go Consigne?
The government has announced that the deposit program in Quebec will be expanded in November 2023. Because of that, Go Consigne believes that the potential volumes of refundable bottles generated will be high enough for Go Consigne to offer a door-to-door pick-up service.
How much will the deposit be?
The deposit program, which was originally scheduled for November 2022, will be carried out in two (2) phases to allow all stakeholders to properly integrate it on all returnable containers.
Starting November 1st, 2023, the deposit for aluminum containers (cans, aluminum bottles) will increase from 5 to 10 cents.
In the beginning of 2025, the last phase of the program will be launched for the following containers: plastic, glass, multi-layered, wine and spirits (deposit amount do be confirmed upon enforcement).
Why expand the deposit?
In the way to improve the recovery of beverage containers, the deposit is an effective incentive that allows source sorting of containers for both beverages consumed at home and those consumed in public places.
Which containers are targeted by the expansion of the deposit?
The new deposit project targets containers used for the 100ml to 2L ‘’ready-to-drink’’ market beverages, whether it is plastic, glass, metal, cardboard or multilayers. Here are some examples of affected containers: wine and spirits bottles, water bottles, plastic juice containers currently not returnable, aluminum cans currently not returnable (iced green tea, carbonated or flavored water, vegetable juices, etc.).
When will the new program come into effect?
The launch of the new program will take place on the first day of the sixteenth month following the entry into force of the regulation, meaning November 1st, 2023.
Can I start accumulating containers in order to return them once the new deposit program is in place and thus receive the new amount?
Until the new system comes into effect on November 1st, 2023, there is no need to keep your non-returnable containers for later reimbursement. The containers newly covered by the deposit will bear a statement that will be prescribed by the new regulations. Containers that do not bear this mention will not be reimbursed.
Will all beverage containers be covered?
No. The following containers are excluded:
  • Bags, all flexible plastic ‘’pouch’’ type containers (milk bags, self-supporting bags)
  • Wine type (multilayers containers)
  • Unsealed containers used to serve drinks added at the point of sale, such as coffee or soft drink glasses.
Why containers under 100ml and over 2 liters are excluded from the deposit?
The most popular formats are targeted in order to include the most majority of beverage containers consumed in Quebec, including those that are largely consumed away from home.
What happens to other plastic containers?
Other plastic containers such as bottles of shampoo, dishwashing liquid or detergent for example will continue to be recovered by the selective collection.
What’s the importance of refunding water bottles containers?
There are over 1.1 billion bottles of water sold each year in Quebec these are mainly consumed outside from home. Too many of these bottles, 700 million are discarded or left in the environment without being recycled. The deposit is an effective way that helps to collect and recycle containers whether they are consumed at home or outside it.
Why limit the deposit on beverage containers only and not extend on all glass containers that end up in the recycling bin?
The collection of glass food containers will continue to be done through selective collection. A deposit on all glass containers would greatly increase the level of complexity in managing them mainly due to the involvement of multiple food industries other than beverages. In addition, 28% of the glass from selective collection has already been recycled. These outlets will therefore be able to continue processing the glass that will remain in the bin.
Are there fees for Go Consigne services?
No subscription fees are required by Go Consigne. The only fees charged are for the management of the collection, which represent 38% of the amount that will be collected, as well as a $3 transportation fee. (For example, for every $10 of deposits collected, $3.80 will be for collection fees + taxes for Go Consigne, $3 will be for transportation fees + taxes, and the remainder, which is $2.18, will go to the client).
What are the regions served by Go Consigne?
Go Consigne currently serves the South Shore, Montreal, Laval and the North Shore. Our territory is expanding every month, and will eventually reach complete coverage of Quebec by March 2025.
How often does Go Consigne collect the refundable bottles at my home?
First, you must register on the Go Consigne website. For Go Consigne to collect at home, a minimum value of $10 of refundable bottles must be accumulated to be eligible for collection. As a subscriber to Go Consigne, when the door-to-door service is in your area, you will receive an alert asking if you have the minimum refunds required for a collect. If your answer is yes, you will be asked if you want a collection or not. If so, you will receive a collection date within the week.
What happens if I request a collection and I do not have the $10 of refund value of empty bottles accumulated?
In this situation, Go Consigne will retain the full refund.

How does it work Go Consigne?

Can I have my containers picked up faster?
Yes, by registering for Go Consigne Plus après avoir créé votre compte.
How will I be notified of the collecting date?
The automated system of Go Consigne sends alerts by text, email or phone. When you register if you ask to be notified by text message; you will receive all the date notices on your phone.
I live in a condo tower; will it be possible to collect the refundable bottles?
Yes, if Go Consigne can have access to the main entry of the condo tower and thus access the condo that requested the door-to-door service.
Where should I put my refundable containers?
Ideally, we prefer you to leave your bags by your front door, but you can indicate any other location on your customer form.
What kind of bag should we use to put our refundable bottles for the collecting day?
In a blue or clear recycling bag. All bags must be closed and tied.
When should I put my refundable bottles in front of my door?
The morning of the collecting day at 8 am.
How does Go Consigne count my containers?
When collecting your bag(s), the Go Consigne employee will affix all bags with a label referring to the name and civic address it was picked up. The label will allow Go Consigne to recognize the bag when it is transported to the sorting center for recounting.
What if I want to cancel my collecting date?
When you receive a notice for a confirmation date you can either:
  • Confirm your pickup date
  • Cancel you pickup
If you didn’t receive any notification, you can also cancel your collecting date by going through the Go Consigne website.
When will I receive my refunds for my containers?
You must allow a minimum of 6 to 7 business days for refundable containers to be processed and for a refund to be issued to your account.
How many bags can I put in front of my door the day of the collection?
There is no bag limit.
How can I collect my refunds?
You can choose between direct deposit (free), Interac transfer ($1 fee + taxes) or make a donation to the cause of your choice.
Does Go Consigne pick up deposits in restaurants, bars and grocery stores?
Yes. All businesses interested in the pick-up service can register.
What is the purpose of the white bin?
The white bin will be used to safely store the refundable containers outside of the house.
How can I get the white bin?
The number of white bins available is limited. You can request yours from the Go Consigne website.
How much do I have to pay to get a white bin?
White bins are available for $159+tx.
Do we have to separate all the different types of containers into different bags or can we mix everything together?
You can put your mixed containers in the bags.

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